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20%off the CURLSMITH Detox Kit Clarifying is key for healthy hair. A regular deep, thorough cleanse is fundamental in removing dirt and build-up from the scalp. If not removed, they can clog the hair follicles and affect shedding and hair growth. However, traditional clarifying shampoos can be a bit more drying and strip hair of its natural moisture. That's why we created our Detox System in 3 steps: 1. The Primer creates a shield around the hair shaft, detangling and protecting its precious moisture 2. The Wash & Scrub deeply cleanses and exfoliates the scalp, melting away all dirt & build-up 3. The Calming Conditioner soothes and refreshes the scalp, leaving a tingly sensation and rebalancing moisture levels

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N/A- Available for one time purchase only. Free delivery will only apply for orders over AED250

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After purchasing the offer you will receive a unique QR code, please then contact 0585957042 to arrange the delivery/pick up

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